SADTU Western Cape congratulates the Matric Class of 2016.

12 January 2017

The Province, on behalf of its members, wants to congratulate the learners of the matric class of 2016 for the outstanding results.
We applaud all the teachers - from Grade R to 12 - for their dedication to the learners in the province. The Union acknowledges its members who have tirelessly worked after school, over weekends and during vacations to prepare their learners in achieving this milestone.
We want to silence the critics, the DA in particular, who says that SADTU teachers do not have their learners at heart.  Since we are the single biggest teacher union in the Western Cape, the outcome of the NCS Grade 12 2016 results must be attributed to the hard work of teachers in general and SADTU members in particular. We challenge these critics to apologise to SADTU publicly and commend SADTU for their hard work.
The union welcomes the improvement of the pass rate in the province of 1.3% and is encouraged that our poorest schools in Quintiles 1-3 have shown an improvement above 73%. We want to emphasize that there must be a concerted programme to eradicate inequalities between the poorest and wealthier schools in the province to bridge the gap in school performance.
The results indicate that well resourced schools have higher success rates than less resourced schools. We therefore call for the provision of libraries, computer laboratories, science laboratories and smaller class sizes in poorer schools to mention a few.
We want to challenge the national and provincial government to address this disparity.
We further want to acknowledge the progress made in learner retention which is at 64.1%, which needs to be improved urgently as we cannot afford learners to be left without an education and skills.
SADTU wants to acknowledge the outstanding results obtained by the learners and teachers and all support structures in the Overberg District for their achievement as the best performing district.
We want to encourage learners who were not successful to register for the supplementary examinations and work hard at the areas where they have not succeeded.
SADTU calls on the WCED to share and invite input on their intervention programmes so that we can jointly work on improved learning and teaching in the province. No unilateral intervention programmes will be accepted. Education transformation is a collective responsibility and SADTU is the leading union to ensure that this happens.

This press release coincides with the WCED award ceremony to acknowledge the top achieving learners and schools in the province

For further information, please contact
Jonavon Rustin, Provincial Secretary: 0836335714
Sibongile Kwazi, Deputy Provincial Secretary: 0836278006