SADTU Northern Cape welcomes the matric results

9 January 2017

SADTU Northern Cape welcomes the matric results of the class of 2016.  We are heartned by the improved results of 78.7 percentage which is an improvement of 9.3 percent from 69.4 percentage in 2015. This qualitative results is an indication of the hard work our educators and learners have put in.

These results have confirmed our adherance to the clarion call made by Nelson Mandela on the 6th of October 1990 at the launching of our beloved organisation when he said, "The new teacher must be one who is committed to the upliftment of the people of South Africa. The new teacher must be committed to people, not to simply filling in forms. The new teacher must be committed to introducing new zest into our moribund education system."

Overall, all our Districts performed exceptionally well and in particular Namaqua District which is one of the top performing districts in the country.

We want to thank all the revolutionary stakeholders (Learners and Parents)who are in the game for upliftment of quality public education.  To our members,the teachers, despite all the name calling and mudsliging you managed to proof your revolutionary professionalism by staying true to the course of Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign (QLTC).

The learners who have made it should remember this is but the beginning and those who did not make it , it is not the end. With these results, a very strong signal is triggered that the province has the capacity to move to greater heights. As a Union of Revolutionay Professionals we also want to use this opportunity to recommit ourselves to the course with the support from the employer and assistance throughout the entire schooling system.  

The journey of 2017 has its own challenges and therefore requires all of us to put our hands on deck. Together we can do better. Once more, congratulations and keep the good work.

Issued by:
Provincial Secretary - Sipho Mayongo