SADTU in the Eastern Cape cautions Education Mec and HOD to comply with court order and pay salaries of teachers

13 January 2017

The Department of Education in the Eastern Cape is at it again, accumulating backlogs on the payment of educator salaries. This is despite the order of the Labour Court on the 14th December 2016. SADTU reiterates its position that the failure of the Department to pay salaries as prescribed in law constitutes a violation of the rights of educators the courts have stated. It is worse when such violations happen despite a court order directing the MEC and the HoD to ensure that all salaries are paid.

The application launched by SADTU which resulted in a settlement agreement which is now an order of court covers all educators "who were appointed and assumed duty". The fact that there are still educators owed salaries especially when schools reopen explains the challenges educators will once more face this year.

SADTU wrote to the HoD in December 2016 reminding him to address amongst others the issue of the payment of salaries before schools reopened.

The department already has a backlog of processing the payments of benefits and has hardly started addressing this backlog. We warn the MEC and the HoD to fully implement the court order or face the consequences.

Our flexibility and patience with this uncaring administration continues to be tested to the extreme. The lack of consequences for those who continue to fail in their basic duties including the duty to process and pay salaries demonstrates the lack of will on the part of the powers that be to bring about meaningful changes  in the administration of the Department.

We shall not fold our arms as this Department continues to humiliate our members and educators.

Prepared by :
Provincial Administrators
Sindisile Zamisa: 0605875786
Chris Mdingi: 0605834462