SADTU congratulates the SACP on its 13th Congress

The South African Democratic Teachers` Union (SADTU) would like to convey its message of support to the SACP on its historic 13th National Congress. We have confidence that the congress will be a resounding success. The SACP - a vanguard for the working class - should use the occasion to reflect deeply on its gains, failures, its role in the tripartite alliance and in government.

True to the nature of the SACP, we expect lively and robust debates to dominate the congress as delegates discuss, amend and adopt the Party`s draft programme - The South African Road to Socialism (SARS). We expect the programme to advance and deepen working class power and hegemony and provide solutions to the challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment that face our people.

It is common knowledge that one of the responsibilities of the congress is to elect leadership. We expect this to take place but we are fully aware that this is not the main focus of the congress and changes can only strengthen the Party. The detractors of the SACP have been engaged in misinformation campaign with the hope that their agenda will derail the communists from discussing the minimum programme. Communists are disciplined and are not obsessed with leadership issues.

The SACP must intensify its campaign against corruption at all levels in ensuring that services to our people are not sabotaged by tenderpreneurs.

We have confidence that the SACP shall, without any failure, continue to defend its independence and the unwarranted attacks from any quarter. It must not be derailed from taking decisions to renew and strengthen the organization as part of responding to the realities confronting our Alliance.

We also congratulate the SACP in the quantitative and qualitative growth as part of the requirement of the NDR that requires that the masses as well as the working class be mobilized in their numbers to usher in socialism.

We expect the SACP to emerge from the congress more united and with vigour to implement the SARS programme. We want to see working class power in the workplace and change in the workplace.

Issued by: SADTU Secretariat
Contact:Media Officer Nomusa Cembi 082 719 5157