23 April 2012

The resignation of Eastern Cape Education Superintendant General Modidima Mannya

The South African Democratic Teachers` Union (SADTU) has welcomed the resignation of Eastern Cape Department of Education`s Superintendant General Modidima Mannya. The Union says Mannya`s departure is not only a victory for the Union but for the people of the province and learners in particular.

SADTU Eastern Cape provincial secretary Mncekeleli Ndongeni said the departure did not mean there would be changes overnight as lots needed to be done to correct the mistakes Mannya made.

"We are still going to grapple with the legacy Mannya has left behind. It would take a united effort to resolve the myriad of challenges facing the province," Ndongeni said

Ndongeni said the challenge for the department would be to find a person or a group of men and women who are going to give an ear to and respect to all stakeholders in education, who won`t renege on decisions taken and who won`t look at the Union as the enemy but a partner and crucial stakeholder in education.

Ndongeni also appreciated the role played of the communities in the form of SGB`s, CBO`s SBO`s, student and youth organizations, local and traditional leaders who added their voices in the outcry against the state of education in the province. He said the Union acknowledged that the leadership of the ANC has finally realized that a decision around Mannya had to be taken in order to save education in the province.

He commended SADTU members for being resolute in their fight for better public education in the province. "We therefore call upon our members to commit to the declaration of the recently held Education Indaba with regards to the role we must play in improving the results of the entire 2012 class, he said.

Ndongeni said the Union`s fight was not targeting an individual as such but a principle. He said SADTU`s motivation was to see progress in education in the province.

"It is not about the individual but it is about principle. But, when an individual leader becomes a stumbling block in the resolution of the challenges, a decision has to be taken about that individual," Ndongeni said.

SADTU is prepared to work with all stakeholders and those appointed in terms of Section 100 (1) (b) to ensure there are no further delays in taking the Eastern Cape out of the current quagmire.

ISSUED BY: Eastern Cape Secretariat